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Disambig.png This article is about upcoming features. For the upcoming versions, see Upcoming versions.

A list of features that are not yet fully implemented, and therefore are not currently within the release version, despite being in the assets or code. These are to be upcoming features.[1]


Zone Expansion

Pre-existing zones will be expanded, making them more fleshed out and adding more inter-zone connections.

==Resources== ===Kookadoba Fruit=== Have been leaked to be Odgen's favorite cooking food. == Ressources == === Fruit de Kookadoba === A été fuite pour être la nourriture de cuisson préférée d'Odgen. ===Stego Buddies=== Stego Buddies have been leaked as the Saber Slime's favorite toy. === Stego Buddies === Stego Buddies ont été divulgués comme le jouet préféré de Sabre Slime. They look like tiny stegosaurus dinosaurs. Ils ressemblent à de minuscules dinosaures de stegosaurus.

New Features

New features to make gameplay more challenging.


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