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Disambig.png This article is about the slime. For the Slimepedia entry, see Slimepedia/The Tarr.
The Tarr
The Tarr
Those awful, ravenous, rainbows.
~ Slimepedia

The Tarr are the main antagonists of Slime Rancher, where they are a threat constantly looming over a diverse ranch, as they eat Resources and Slimes, and ruin crops.

In regards to appearance, they are black "sludge"[1] with rainbow swirls. In contrast with the cute appearance of the other Slimes, they have distorted, evil, seemingly glowing facial features.

The Tarr have a unique spawning condition; they can only spawn if a Largo eats a plort that is not its own. For example, if a Pink Rock Largo ate a Tabby plort, The Pink Rock Largo would become a Tarr. They can grab slimes and close in on them. Once a slime is eaten by the Tarr, a new Tarr is plorted out instead of a regular plort.

To eliminate a Tarr, throw it into the Slime Sea or an Incinerator. If you cannot access these things at a time, spray it with fresh water or dump it into a pool full of it. According to Slimepedia, one splash of water will prevent a Tarr from reproducing. Multiple splashes will destroy it. This seems to be a risk directed towards Largo ranching, where if you mix up a slime by accident, the ranch falls onto its knees and has to be recovered if not swift about action.

A unique ambient song plays when the rancher is in close proximity of the Tarr. Slimes also adapt a scared facial expression in their presence.

Ranching tips

  • The Tarr is a threat to all the other slimes and the rancher. Tarr eat meat and slimes, but not Gold Slimes. Because of this, it can spread rapidly throughout the ranch. Fresh water will kill the Tarr after a few sprays, but it is easier to launch them into the Slime Sea. To keep them away, a Hydro Turret can be installed, which shoots the incoming Tarr. Of course, you can put a Tarr in a corral, but since they disappear after a while, they cannot be farmed.
  • Tangle Slimes can eat from a great distance with their roots, so other corrals (especially those already containing Largos) should not be placed next to their corral, or Tarr will be inevitable.
  • Dervish Slimes on the ranch also pose a great risk to create Tarr. When the Dervish slimes get unhappy with the situation in the corral, their whirlwind hurls everything into the air, including plorts, which then can drop near hungry Largos on the farm.
  • Quantum Slimes can teleport outside and inside corrals, eat a plort and make a tarr. Try keeping them in one type of largo, as far away as you can from the rest of the slimes in your ranch.

  1. The Slimepedia entry refers to the Tarr as 'sludge'.