Phase Lemon

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Phase Lemon
Phase Lemon
Favored By:
Quantum Slime
Ancient Ruins

Plucked from a tree rooted in the...past? Future? Or...?
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Favored by

Quantum Slime

Frequent Locations

Ancient Ruins


A phase lemon comes from a different place and time. They are like an echo, reverberating through the halls of the Ancient Ruins, never staying in the same place for long.

In order to harvest phase lemons a rancher must pass fruit matter through the phase lemon tree when lemons are present. This process somehow removes the fruit from our reality and phases a lemon in exchange.

On the Ranch

Deposit a phase lemon into a garden's depositor and you'll grow a large phase lemon tree of your very own.

Ranching tips

It's best not to depend on the phase lemon trees in the Ancient Ruins for your phase lemon supply, as each time you wish to harvest a lemon, you'll have to sacrifice a fruit of your own. Instead, it's wiser to do this only once, take the lemon to The Ranch, and grow your own tree there. That way, you won't have to spend so many resources in exchange for your phase lemons.

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