Mint Mango

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Disambig.png This article is about the fruit. For the Slimepedia entry, see Slimepedia/Mint Mango.
Mint Mango
Mint Mango
Favored By:
Honey Slime
Moss Blanket
Intensely sweet with a cool, minty finish.
~ Slimepedia

The Mint Mango is a fruit found in The Moss Blanket.

Ranching tips:

In the wild, this fruit grows in the Moss Blanket, but there are often a lot of Honey and other fruit-eating slimes around. If a rancher really wants a useful amount of this fruit, they should put one Mango into a planter.

One must be very quick to grab Mint Mangos in The Moss Blanket as Slimes can typically gobble them up so fast that the player will not get any.