Indigo Quarry

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The Indigo Quarry is a Location that was released in the version 0.3.0 update. It is all that remains of a mining project that quickly went bust. Its mineral-rich soil makes for a great place to find wild veggies.

Slimepedia entry

The Indigo Quarry is a winding network of caves and cliffs, striated with deep purple hues from the rare minerals found within it. It was once the site of a mining project but went bust after the discovery that the rare ores it produces quickly break down in atmospheres other than that of the Far, Far Range.

It was later discovered that the means to harness these metals was via rock slime plorts. Somehow, rock slime plorts preserve the minerals within, a process that eludes even the most prestigious slime scientists.

The Indigo Quarry is a natural home for rock slimes and the more elusive rad slime, and it's naturally mineral-rich soil make it a great place to harvest most wild veggies.