Gilded Ginger

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Gilded Ginger is a vegetable in Slime Rancher.


Curiously, gilded ginger cannot be replicated in a garden as its unusual biological properties prohibit it. However, there is perhaps another use for it...

On the Ranch

Said to be the holy grail of veggies, gilded ginger can very rarely be found growing in the Glass Desert. It is the only known food that a gold slime will eat, and the few that have seen it claim that doing so will greatly reward the lucky rancher.


  • Only one Gilded Ginger is growing at any given time. That location changes daily. There are special locations throughout the Glass Desert where they may grow.
  • Feeding a Gold Slime a Gilded Ginger produces five Gold Plorts, though it will still flee when approached.
    • Golden Sureshot does not affect this number, nor does it award the Hat Trick achievement. For both Golden Sureshot and the Achievement to take effect, Plorts must be produced from the Slime being pelted with other resources.
  • Gilded Gingers decay in only 12 hours, compared to other foods which decay in 36.
  • A Gilded Ginger used on a Novice and Advanced Gordo Snare does not guarantee a Gold Gordo; they have the same probability as other Foods to attract other Gordos instead. For best results, use a Master Gordo Snare.