Feral Slime

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Feral Slimes are wild Pink Largos that are hostile and have flashing red arrow particles around them. They will attempt to attack the player, and Pink Rock Largos will try to ram into the player, either of which inflicts 20 HP in damage. Feral Slimes can be soothed by feeding them any kind of food, since they are Pink Slimes. This will make them passive but they still may follow the player.

Wooden signs with a "skull and crossbones" symbol are scattered across the Far, Far Range and warn of where they spawn, with the exception of Pink Boom Slimes in the Moss Blanket. The canyon area spawns Pink Rock Largos, the ocean bridge leading to the Moss Blanket spawns Pink Phosphor Largos (only at night and are aggressive unlike normal Phosphors), the tunnel to the final area in the Moss Blanket spawns three Pink Boom Largos, the tunnel to the entrance of the Indigo Quarry spawns Pink Phosphor Largos and the bridge leading to the final part of the Indigo Quarry spawns Pink Rad Largos. If you have a Hunter Slime largo it will get hungry quick and make sure you feed them regularly so the don't turn feral. Also they have feral Hunter Honey largos deep in the Moss Blanket, surrounding the Hunter Gordo.


  • Feral Slimes have no Slimepedia entry except on Xbox One.
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